Sitters for your critters – Pet-minding with Sitter Guide

Feel guilty leaving your furry friend behind on weekends away? Perhaps you feel like pampering your pooch or treating your turtle to a trip while you jet-set off this summer? Maybe your holiday was booked at the last minute and you need somewhere in a hurry for your feathered or finned family member to stay? Join the friendly, animal-loving community of Sitter Guide online to find a like-minded minder for your pet!

The Sitter Guide website puts pet owners in touch online with a network of trustworthy, experienced pet-sitters. The service works much like Airbnb and includes free insurance, vetting and ID checks and round-the-clock support, making for a friendlier, personal alternative to kennels.

The services offered by Sitter Guide range from boarding, house-sitting, day or night care for short visits to Market Place, which involves walking, grooming and training pets for roughly an hour at your home or your sitter’s.

Perhaps your pet is not of the four-legged, pawed variety? Typically, cats and dogs are the only critters with access to long-term pet services, which is where Sitter Guide is different. Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, fish, birds, horses, mice, rats and ferrets are all covered.

So if you’re travelling this summer for any length of time, sign yourself up (membership is free!) to stress-free Sitter Guide and you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday and rest assured that your pet is safe, sound and having a ball!