6 reasons why New England is foodie heaven

New England’s five states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, offer amazing delights for foodies.

Maine is a beautiful city and has an incredible food culture:

Here are six of the best breweries, wineries and restaurants you should try if you are heading to this part of the states.

Smuttynose Brewing Company

It’s a funny name, but this New England company takes beer seriously. Smuttynose Brewing Company has been recognised for the 11th year in a row as one of the Best Breweries in the World by RateBeer. Their Robust Porter won a Good Food Award in San Francisco and their Wheat Wine Ale won the gold medal at the 2001 Great American Beer Festival. Expect great beer and lots of it.

Breweries in New Hampshire are as much a cultural experience as they are culinary. The state has more than 80 breweries ranging from factory experiences such as Smuttynose and Anheuser Busch to niche breweries on farms.

Seven Birches Winery & Tasting Room

Seven Birches in Lincoln, New Hampshire offers visitors the chance to meet with winemakers and sample red wine aging in one of their oak barrels. The tasting room is located in the grand Riverwalk Resort at Loon Mountain and they specialise in hand-crafting classic European grape varietals and locally sourced fruits into delicious wines.

Pearl & Spat Oyster Cellar

This gorgeous little restaurant in Kennebunk Maine has somewhat of a cult following. You can’t go to Pearl & Spat Oyster Cellar without trying the fresh oysters. But we also highly recommend the New England Clam Chowder with double-smoked bacon. If you’re game you can also try a friend oyster roll with tartar sauce and shoestring fries. 


Vermont is in the middle of a foodie revolution. Twenty-two restaurants have opened in the past year. Our pick of the recent opening is Mangalitsa in Woodstock. Most online ratings score this place five out of five stars. Mangalitsa is reservation only and it will hit your wallet. But the dishes are worth it. Everything is sourced locally from the New England region so it is incredibly fresh. As a result, the menu changes weekly. Mangalitsa emails its weekly menus to anyone who subscribes to their website. 

Nick’s on Broadway

Rhode Island has a strong foodie culture and Nick’s on Broadway in Providence, headed by James Beard Nominated Chef in 2016, Derek Wagner is one of the best. This new American bistro has an open kitchen and a casual vibe. It specialises in local New England food, fresh ingredients and unique tastes. We recommend the Tasting Menu for $70 per person. That way you don’t have to agonise over your menu choice. 


Rhode Island’s newest outdoor dining destination can be found on the river walk at historic Waterplace Park. Quay offers coastal Mediterranean small plates restaurant and a cocktail lounge in downtown Providence. Expect casual dining and large share tables. The menu includes baked feta cheese, New England clam chowder and Quadruple Chocolate Mousse Cake. 

Providence Rhode Island.

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