New light installation to illuminate Darwin this October

Bruce Munro is no stranger to illumination. In 2016, the English installation artist immersed the Australian desert with Field of Light: a large-scale, site-specific, light-based artwork that spread across Uluru.

Tropical Light will be the largest of Munro’s undertaken exhibitions, and is predicted to attract large crowds of domestic and international visitors.

His new exhibition, Bruce Munro: Tropical Light will no doubt take Darwin by storm comparably. The glowing spectacle will run from October 2019 to April 2020, and run through the Darwin CBD and Waterfront precinct.

The display will feature a collection of both existing and new work, heavily influenced by Australia and the Northern Territory: both its landscape and its people.

“Every city has its own unique fingerprint and Darwin is no exception to the rule,” Mr Munro said.

“It is a very relaxed, cultural and culinary melting pot located at the top end of Australia between a vast tropical forest and an aquamarine coastline. Darwin is a veritable jewel that shines bright after each tropical downpour…it’s a place of adventure and inspiration.”

We’re looking forward to seeing Tropical Light in all its glory this October.