Luxury holidays at budget prices

Room service, spa treatments, poolside cocktails. These are the things most of us dream of but would never fork out the money for.

You’d like nothing more than to treat yourself to a three-course dinner at a resort but it’s hard to justify when you could fill the fridge for an entire week for the same price.

But is it possible to have a five-star experience without the astronomical price tag. You just need to spin the atlas a little further.

Pink sunset at a resort Cambodia.

Fiji, Hawaii and Bali are top spots for luxury resorts, but they carry a price tag of popularity. In places where tourism is the main contributor to the economy, you will always pay a bit of a premium because they know people are willing to splash their cash.

So it’s worth exploring other options. Cast your eye further than the typical holiday brochures and you’ll discover lesser-known gems that are incredibly affordable and equally as beautiful as the usual getaway spots.

A perfect example is the charming country of Cambodia. It might slip under the radar of most holiday-goers, but in reality, it is a fascinating nation with an already thriving tourism industry. Most visitors bypass the capital all together and head straight to Siem Reap, home to the extraordinary temples of Angkor Wat. But Cambodia is not just for history buffs.

Before you discount the idea – let me throw some numbers at you.

My family of six stayed in a 5-star boutique hotel in Siem Reap for US$54/night (I know!)

Cocktails delivered to the pool? $1.50 each.

Two-hour spa treatment? $45.

Lunch ordered through room service? $6 per person.

The level of service we experienced from the hotel staff? Absolutely priceless.

The warmth of the Cambodian people could put an open fire to shame.

Even though the nearest coastline is hundreds of kilometres away, the exotic resort vibe makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of paradise. And in a sense, you are.

You can have a luxurious, 5-star experience without taking out a second mortgage. And hey, a few days exploring ancient temples and soaking up Khmer history is an added bonus.

White sand at the stunning beach on Koh Rong island in Cambodia.

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