5 reasons why you need to visit Turkey

Want a holiday with history, relaxation and delicious food? You should consider Turkey. 

Here are five reasons why: 

Turkish baths

Turkey is home to more than 1500 thermal springs. The tradition of soaking in warm water for wellness dates back thousands of years.

Pamukkale hot springs Turkey.

The most famous thermal town is Pamukkale.  At Pamukkale, you can soak in stunning white limestone baths. The water here is high in calcium. Tree branches and stones left in the flowing water turn white in a short time. Locals believe the water has the power to cure high blood pressure, kidney stones, stroke, rheumatism, physical exhaustion and skin disease. No proof exists for these claims.

They also believe the pools can make you beautiful. According to Turkish legend, an ugly unmarried young girl tried to take her own life at Pamukkale. She fell into a natural pool as she ran through the plateau. But she did not die. Instead, she turned into a beautiful woman. A passing Lord then happened to ride by, spotted her and fell in love.

Even if that isn’t true – it is a stunning place to see. And who doesn’t love a good Turkish bath?


Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is the bridge between the east and the west.

Istanbul offers a mix of Europe and Asia. It has French streets with cafes, wine houses and boutiques. But it also has an Asian side. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar claims to be the most visited tourist attraction in the world. Here you will find leather goods, spices, jewellery and sweets.

The historical peninsula is where you will find most of Istanbul’s must-see buildings. If you have one day in Istanbul – this is the place to go. Walk through the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey.

If you have more time, take a cruise along the Bosporus Strait and dine out at a fresh seafood restaurant.

Turkish desserts

Turkish delight, baklava, keşkül. Need we go on? Turkish sweets are delicious. And this is the place to indulge. 

Baklava made fresh in Turkey? Yes, please.


Of course, no trip to Turkey would be complete without a visit to Gallipoli. Tens of thousands of Australians died on the Gallipoli peninsula in World War OneThe disastrous attempt to seize control of the Turkish Dardanelles would give birth to the Anzac Legend. 

On April 25 each year, an Australian service is held to remember the fallen soldiers. But you can take a tour of Gallipoli at any time of the year. 

Gallipoli Turkey.

If you go, we recommend reading the personal stories of the men who fought here. You can find a few on the Australian War Memorial Website

Sail away

Turkey offers a much cheaper way to see the Mediterranean. Cruises here take you to the stunning cities of Bodrum, Kas and Marmaris. Excursions cover the ancient sites and include lazy days on the beach. Expect stunning beaches, warm sunshine and plenty of history. 

Bodrum is one of the greatest places in the world to sail.


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