5 surprising reasons to love Canada

It’s not just the maple syrup that have you hooked on Canada. 

The north American nation is friendly, easy to travel around and has incredible scenery. But there are a few reason to love Canada that you may never have been told. Here’s five: 

1. Maple bacon

Yes, this is a thing. Maple syrup cooked bacon. It’s delicious. If you love Bloody Marys – you have to see what the Canadians have done to the popular alcoholic drink. That’s right – they have added maple bacon. 

2. Sushi and real wasabi

Canada is famous for salmon. In British Colombia you can see the salmon swim up streams in the wild. But better still is eating salmon. 

Canada has a surprising amount of seriously good sushi restaurants. Our favourite is RawBar at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver. 

The fresh and delicious sushi is carved at the bar in front of you. And the wasabi is real. If you think you hate wasabi – you have to taste it in Canada. Despite what many Australians think, wasabi is not horseraddish. It is a real plant. And Canada is cold enough to grow it. Real wasabi tastes sweet and has a kick at the end. It’s no where near as harsh as horseraddish. Canada will turn you into a wasabi snob. 

3. The wine

 Most people who know Canada can tell you they produce “ice wine” –  a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. But, Canada’s Okanagan Valley in British Colombiais fast becoming a world wine powerhouse. The young industry produces wines that are on par with Australia and New Zealand. But the Canadians limit the amount of wine they export – so they really have been keeping the quality of their wine a secret. 

4. Ice hockey

Canada’s passion for this sport knows no bounds. Canadians are one of the friendliest nations on earth – until you put them in an ice hockey rink. Then it’s brutal. In Canada kids grow up with skates on their feet and sticks in their hands. You can’t go to Canada without watching at least one game. 

5. A “bunny hug”

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan a hooded jumper is called “a bunny hug”. That’s just so cute we had to add it in. 

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