Tiny, remote, and rich with intrigue, Norfolk Island is a world of its own that offers visitors real down time, real food, and a portal into the past.
It has its own language After the famous 1789 mutiny on the HMS Bounty, Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian and his dissident men settled on Pitcairn Island with Tahitian women they’d met on a five-month mission in Tahiti collecting breadfruit. But by 1855, the 194 Pitcairn Islanders had outgrown their island, and so moved to Norfolk Island, which Queen Victoria generously gave them as a new home. The English men and the Tahitian women took elements from one another’s languages to communicate, resulting in their own language simply called ‘Norfolk’.
You can really switch off The island is only 34.6km square, so you can walk or ride a bike to most places. There is some nightlife, but it’s more in the form of educative theatre and comedy performances in the forest and dinners under the stars. There’s live music and entertainment at the Jolly Roger, but it’s likely that you’ll be tucked up in bed before 11pm, as there are no nightclubs or rowdy pubs.
The local organic produce is delicious The produce on Norfolk Island is mostly homegrown, organic and delicious, so it’s hard to know what to graze on while at the markets, in the local cafes and on farm tours. On the Hilli-Goat Farm Tour, guests can learn how goat’s cheese is made and then indulge in a mouth-wateringly good spread of produce straight from the farm. In town, enjoy a lovely lunch in the garden courtyard at the Hilli Restaurant and Café, and for dinner, indulge at Dino’s at Bombora’s, a magical restaurant in an old settler’s cottage.
You can step back in time Visit the graveyards where some of the Bounty crew and their descendants are buried, take a ghost your at night and explore the ruins of one of the most remote penal colonies in the world, and explore Pitcairn Settler’s Village to experience the proud history of the 1856 settlers. Don’t miss Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama – an awe-inspiring 360 degrees panoramic painting that wonderfully captures some of Norfolk’s history and intrigue.
You can visit Colleen McCullough’s home On this fascinating tour, explore the ostentatious home of famous Australian author Colleen McCullough, gaining some insight into this remarkable woman’s life and mind, and viewing her incredible art collection. Colleen wrote 25 novels, including the famous Thorn Birds, which sold over 30 million copies.

By Michelle Hespe

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