England is a stunning tropical paradise with… No wait, it’s anything but that; the weather’s lousy, the food worse and the beer is served at suspiciously warm temperatures. But before you go turning your nose up at a visit to this island nation, consider these five great reasons to go.
The Pubs Renowned the world over — and for very good reason — nobody does the pub better than the English. Why, you may ask? Firstly, a bonafide English pub comes with an atmosphere that simply can’t be faked, many of the country’s boozers are steeped in history and everything from the paintings to the creaking furniture and oak beamed ceilings reflect that. Additionally, the emphasis is on socialising rather than gaping at TV screens, pub grub tends to be hearty, the beer selection extensive, and the dress code casual.
The Capital  As much-lauded English author Samuel Johnson once said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” One of the world’s truly multi-cultural cities, the English capital is a thriving hub of eclectic cuisine, world class history museums and art galleries, historic architecture and its excellent underground transport system makes getting around pretty easy. It’s also a perfectly placed Launchpad to access Europe. 
The People Though frequently derided as ‘Whinging Poms’ Down Under or teased for their repressed, stiff upper lip mentality, delve beneath the surface and you’ll frequently find the Brits can be an acerbically funny, down to earth bunch, that although sometimes difficult to befriend initially, will reward you with long-term loyalty once the barriers come down.
The Countryside The stereotype is true, few places in the world can rival the English countryside for a rural escape; it’s all about rolling green hills, sprawling woodlands, stately castles…oh you get the idea. Classic regions for an outdoor getaway include The Lake District — the country’s most loved national park, Southern Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Hampshire, The Yorkshire Dales and many more.
Historic Towns Beyond the big cities, England has some truly enchanting towns, many of them dating back to medieval times, the legacy of which remains to this day. Personal favourites include my own former hometown of Guildford, Surrey, with its castle thought to have been built in the wake of William the Conqueror’s invasion as well as Oxford, Hereford, Sherborne and Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

By Guy Wilkinson 

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