We may be worlds apart geographically, but when it comes to kindred spirits, Aussies and Canucks are an almost perfect match. Up here in the Great White North, we love to have our cousins from Down Under come visit. And this is what they say they love most about Canada.

We also speak Australian (almost) 
Every traveller knows that language barriers can be a real challenge when holidaying overseas. In Canada, nothing gets lost in translation (even in our Francophone province of Quebec, most folks speak some English). Here, the Queen’s – or Queensland – English will do just fine. We’ve even incorporated a few Aussi-isms into our vocabulary, like ‘No worries, mate!’ Most Canadians can even tell a barbie from a mozzie.

We also embrace extremes of weather (in reverse) Nothing like a day at the beach in July, eh? Or a powder day in January? When you’re hot down there, we’re cold up here. Like you, we don’t whinge when the weather gets rough. We also embrace the elements, whether we’re sleeping in an igloo, dogsledding across the Yukon under the Aurora Borealis, or snowmobiling through Northern Ontario’s boreal forests.

We’ve got real (big) mountains Aussies who are into alpine sports like skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring and snowshoeing think they’ve died and gone straight to Valhalla once they reach our mega mountains. And no wonder! Our massive, steep and deep mountain ranges stretch from British Columbia’s coast extend all the way to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. And the powder can be perfect in our world-class ski resorts like Whistler Blackcomb, Revelstoke, Lake Louise and Sunshine.

We also hear the call of the wild  
Like Australia, Canada is an immense country with heaps upon heaps of wide-open spaces. Remote, wild and pristine wilderness can be found from coast to coast to coast. Like you, we’re proud of our natural beauty. And of our iconic wildlife, such as grizzly and polar bears, timber wolves, orca whales, snowy owls and buffalo. Whatever your wildest wilderness dream, our natural wonders will leave you breathless.

Like you, we’re chilled, but not chilly Aussies may be more extraverted, but Canadians are no less welcoming. Ours is an understated attitude toward life, except perhaps for the folks in Quebec and the Maritimes, who like to crank up the good times a notch. Everywhere in Canada you’ll find genuine hospitality and a curiosity about the outside world that will make you feel right at home.

By Mark Sissons     

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