Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MyDiscoveries?

A: MyDiscoveries makes it possible for you to make ‘one day’, today!  We have carefully selected holiday options for Australians over 50, so you can be confident that the holiday you book will be right for you.

MyDiscoveries is a sub-brand of Innovations, a specialist general merchandise online and catalogue company operating in Australia and New Zealand.  With over 2 million Australian and New Zealand customers through catalogue, showroom and Internet sales, Innovations offers a wide range of products for your home, garden, fitness, beauty, office, recreation and leisure.

Whilst travel is new for Innovations, the parent company, the Direct Group has been selling travel through their home shopping business TVSN since 2015.

Q: Why should I trust MyDiscoveries?

A: All the MyDiscoveries holiday suppliers have been tried and tested by someone in our community – ensuring they are a good fit – before being included in the website.  When we say all the holidays have been handpicked, we mean that someone in our community has travelled with that supplier before, and more often than not, even been on that exact holiday.

Q: What happens once I’ve bought my voucher?

A: Once you’ve bought your holiday voucher one of two things will happen.  One process is, you will be contacted by the company leading your tour so that they can start booking you into your preferred travel dates. As an alternative, feel free to call us on 1300 404 606 or email us with your preferred travel dates and we can get you booked into your holiday.

Q: Who is at the end of the phone when I call the MyDiscoveries phone number?

A: The MyDiscoveries team is part of Innovations.  When you call 1300 404 606 you will be speaking to one of our call centre staff in Sydney.

Q: Who wrote the articles in the website?

A: The stories in MyDiscoveries have been written by our handpicked travel writer contributors. The stories reflect their experiences in a destination.  If you’d like to contribute to MyDiscoveries please email us at

Q: How do I add my own review or story?

A: At this stage we don’t currently have review functionality. We’re working on it and as soon as it’s available we will let our community know and update this answer.

Q: There aren’t many holiday deals on the site – do you have more?

A: All the holidays in MyDiscoveries have been handpicked because of the experience travellers will have. We add and remove holiday offers regularly, so make sure you check back frequently to see what’s changed.

Q: Can I call and book my holiday of choice?

A: Yes you can! To book your holiday, call 1300 404 606.  If you have already bought your holiday voucher, make sure you have the voucher number and your preferred travel dates with you when you call. One of our team will then work with you and our partners go get you booked in.

If you haven’t bought your voucher yet, you can do that online or by calling 1300 404 606 and once you’ve got the voucher we can book you into the dates you’d like to travel

Q: Are you a travel agency?

A: Yes, we are a full service travel agency.  Travel agencies in Australia no longer need to be licenced, but we want to give you as much peace of mind as possible, so we have registered with IATA and our TIDS number is 96860466.

Q: How secure is your website?

A: Our secure server software (SSL) is the best software available today for secure e-commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. When an order is received, SSL is again used to unscramble the message, check that it came from the correct sender, and verify that it has not been tampered with. We do not store your credit card details online.

Q: Can I change my holiday?

A: Yes, you can. You can change your holiday voucher before the holiday has been booked without any issue.  Once your travel dates have been booked in, there may be change fees if you need to make changes to travellers or dates.  For the details of what these might be, check the Fine Print section on the holiday offer page in MyDiscoveries or contact the team who made that booking for you.

Q: Can I cancel my holiday?

A: Yes, you can. You can cancel your holiday voucher within 30 days of purchase, and before travel dates have been booked without any questions asked.  Once your travel dates have been booked in, there may be cancellation fees that apply.  Typically, the closer it is to your departure date, the higher the cancellation fees.  For the details of what cancellation fees might be, check the Fine Print section on the holiday offer page in MyDiscoveries or contact the team who made that booking for you.  Finally, we recommend taking out travel insurance as soon as you have booked your travel dates so you have protection against emergency cancellations that might be needed.

Q: What do I do if I’ve changed my mind?

A: Within 30 days of buying the voucher, and before your travel dates have been booked, call us on 1300 404 606 and we will give you your money for the voucher back.  If you have booked in your travel dates, and change your mind about travelling, there are likely to be cancellation fees that apply.  For details of those, check the Fine Print on the holiday offer page in MyDiscoveries or contact the team who made the booking for you.

Q: What do I do if my name has changed since I booked my holiday?

A: If your name has changed since booking in travel dates, please contact the team who booked you in so that it can be updated in all the systems.  For holidays where there are flights included, a name change will likely incur a change fee.

Q: What do I do if my contact details have changed?

A: Please always keep us in the loop if your contact details have changed.  Call us on 1300 404 606 to let us know and we’ll make sure all relevant partners are informed.

Q: Where can I get information about the destinations I’ll be visiting?

A: There is destination information in for the countries and regions that are visited on our holiday offers. Other websites we recommend for travel information are: – for traveller reviews and information – Australian government traveller information website – travel guides for destinations around the world

Q: Do I need any vaccinations?

A: There are some countries which will require you to have vaccinations or an exemption certificate as a condition of entry. We recommend that you consult your doctor at least 12 weeks before departure for advice on what vaccinations you require.

You can also find more information on travel health issues, services and what the Australian Government recommends for travelling on

Q: How can I find out what the weather will be like?

A: Wouldn’t we all love to be able to accurately predict the weather?!  Our preferred website for international weather forecasts is

Q: Are the SNA Tours holidays wheelchair accessible?

A: With SNA Tours, their tours in Beijing, Shanghai and Japan are the most accessible for wheelchairs. It is the Yangtze River cruise and excursions (great wall, forbidden city etc.) that require greater mobility.

As a minimum mobility guideline SNA Tours recommend passengers are able to walk for 30-45 minutes or the equivalent of four flights of stairs independently, as well as physically able to embark and disembark a bus or coach. SNA Tours also advise that passengers with limited mobility or a disability travel with a support person, where possible.

SNA Tours can supply a wheelchair service in our destinations for an extra fee. As standard this would be the wheelchair itself, but in some destinations they can also provide a support person – the price of this varies in particular cities. SNA Tours need a minimum of 2 week’s notice prior to departure to arrange such service.

Q: How are the “Valued Up To” prices calculated?

A: Our valued up to pricing in our offers are based on the ‘rack rate’ of the room and the inclusions at the time of publication of the offer (that’s hotel-speak for ‘Recommended Retail Price’). Supplier pricing /charges are dynamic and therefore constantly changing depending on peak seasons, low seasons and events so we use the rack rate which is consistent year round and 100% verifiable. The value and comparative savings have been determined based on the supplier’s shared rack rates and the value of inclusions. Rack rates may not be reflective of actual rates being charged, dependent on the timing and manner of your booking and therefore are only indicative of the level of value.